Write for us!

Do you like to write? Got a bunch of stories tucked away? Want free tail plugs, DD/lg gear, or BDSM stuff?

 We’re looking for people to write creative blog posts and product descriptions in exchange for generous store credit.
Most product descriptions are pretty boring!
Wouldn’t you be more excited about a tail if along with it came a filthy story (fictional or nonfictional), or a graphic description of what you’d like to do with the item, or a review of it written as a little/pet?
You can be as creative as you like, nothing’s off limits.

here’s the full scoop:

We have a bunch of products on the website that we’d love to have funny, charming, or erotic descriptions of! 

http://bit.ly/productfantasy ?

 click that link and it’ll take you to a big spreadsheet which has a list of **everything** we sell that we don’t have descriptions for yet.

Go through that and find as many things as you like that ~tickle your fancy~and sign up to write about them with your screen name.
Feel free to poke around on our website, think a bit about the item, what do you like about it, what’s cool about it? If you have any questions about the items specifications I’m here to answer them via email.
Your writing could be anything from a simple description to a fictional story, to a funny review, to a love letter or something you’d *like* to do with it!  
2. Come back and paste them in when you’re done!
Email me when you’ve done as many as you want to write and I’ll get your store credit set up 🙂
We pay $5 per description, and each should be between 150 and 300 words.

contact me on instagram @tail.plugs or at sophia@buytailplugs.com for more information//questions!